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Driven by integrity & extensive technical knowledge, 3V Sigma USA consistently delivers comprehensive quality, solutions & services to our industry partners. We help chemical research & development professionals who have new ideas, technical challenges, or other chemistry or chemical needs secure a trusted long-term partner that consistently yields proven results. 3V Sigma USA is a world-leading producer of advanced specialty chemicals ranging from synthetic polymers to organic chemistry molecules. Through a deep knowledge of chemistry, chemical processes and final market applications, we develop and produce chemicals that deliver high performance. Continuous innovation, sustained quality and outstanding customer support have been key ingredients to our success.

For decades we have dedicated significant efforts and investments towards research & development, not only to improve existing chemistries and processes but also to develop innovative and unique products. Consistent research & development has assured stable and strong growth by enabling the company to enter new markets with proprietary products and know-how.

We are a company founded by family and inspired by its legacy. Decades since the company’s domestic expansion, 3V Sigma USA remains family owned and operated and will continue for centuries to come. The same spirit that built our first single-reactor plant continues to push and empower us to grow and be better every day. With a team-oriented mentality, we continually encourage each other to drive the business forward. We approach tasks together. Our chemists, process engineers, mechanical engineers, operations personnel and managers are continuously in collaboration. We have been able to create a solid and multidisciplinary technical culture that enables us to provide our customers with innovative technical solutions and high-quality, price-competitive products.

We are committed to delivering a quality experience beyond just the products we sell. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our current and future customers by always moving forward. We listen and adapt to an ever-changing world through innovation & diversification.



ISO 9001:2015
EFfCl GMP for Cosmetic Ingredients

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