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The textile industry is a vast sector that encompasses the production and distribution of various types of fabrics and textiles, including clothing, home furnishings, carpets, and industrial textiles. The industry involves a complex process of creating fibers, yarns, fabrics, and finished products through different manufacturing processes, including spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, and finishing. Textile production has evolved over the centuries, with modern technology allowing for greater efficiency, precision, and variety in the materials and products produced.

3V Sigma USA, a leading textile chemical manufacturing company, has been providing unique, high-quality additive solutions to the global textile market for over 60 years. Around the world, our additives make textiles appear more beautiful, more vibrant and brighter.


Our Contribution:


We specialize in Acrylic based Rheology modifiers and Optical Brighteners. Our Novaprint line encompasses carbomers specifically designed for clear concentrates used in digital, rotary, flatbed, and screen printing.

The evolution of that is our Rapidprint line of pre-dispersed rheology modifiers ready to use and capable of meeting the stringent rheology requirements needed in the latest generations of high-definition printing machines.

Our Optiblanc ® line is an effective, cost-competitive solution for brightening cotton fabrics in both the exhaustion and bleaching Processes in the manufacturing process of Textile Fabrics.


We are a global chemical manufacturing company specializing in the formulation and production of a wide range of chemical products for various industries. Through innovation, rigorous testing and attention to quality, 3V Sigma USA contributes high-performing chemicals to the worlds largest global industries.

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