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The Fabric and Home Care Industry is a sector of the consumer goods industry that focuses primarily on the production and sale of household cleaning products. Chemical manufacturing is a crucial component of this industry, as it involves the creation of chemical compounds that are used for the production of a wide range of products, including laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dishwashing and surface cleaners, and air fresheners. These products are designed to clean and maintain the cleanliness of a variety of surfaces and fabrics in homes and other living spaces. Chemicals such as surfactants, rheology modifiers, optical brighteners, anti-static agents and fragrances are used to create the cleaning and scenting profile that are essential to the performance and appeal of these products.

The Fabric and Home Care Industry is a highly competitive and rapidly evolving sector that demands constant innovation and improvement. 3V Sigma USA plays a critical role in this industry, providing the technical expertise necessary to create new and better-performing cleaning products that meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers.


Our Contribution:


3V Sigma USA is the leading domestic manufacturer of Optical brighteners for laundry applications. Our Optiblanc ® line encompasses products in both liquid and granule form. Since they provide a high degree of brilliance to fabrics at low cost, their use has become overwhelmingly ubiquitous in laundry detergents.

We also manufacture a wide range of rheology modifiers, each bearing specific advantages depending on the application. We are leaders in the automatic dish gel industry and have mastered the difficulties in overcoming bleach stability. We provide powder rheology modifiers which are very cost-effective as well as emulsions and pre-dispersed rheology modifiers for unmatchable ease of use.

For color and fragrance protection 3V Sigma USA offers three molecular variations of the benzophenone chemistry, tailored to accommodate good solubility in solvents ranging from water to alcoholic and even oil solutions. Incorporation of the appropriate 3V Sigma USA UV Absorber will keep products looking and smelling the way formulators intended even longer.



We are a global chemical manufacturing company specializing in the formulation and production of a wide range of chemical products for various industries. Through innovation, rigorous testing and attention to quality, 3V Sigma USA contributes high-performing chemicals to the worlds largest global industries.

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