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3V Sigma USA specializes in providing high-quality Emulsifiers and Surfactants that are used by industry leaders in the Air Freshener Market.  Please visit our product portfolio to learn more about the solutions we provide to the Air Freshener market.


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Emulsifiers and surfactants are important ingredients in the air freshener market, as they help to create a stable and effective product. Emulsifiers are used to mix together ingredients that would otherwise separate, such as oil and water-based components. In air fresheners, emulsifiers help to disperse the fragrance oils evenly throughout the product, ensuring a consistent scent. Surfactants, on the other hand, are used to lower the surface tension of liquids and help them spread more easily. They are commonly used in air fresheners to aid in the dispersion of fragrance oils and other ingredients throughout the air when the product is sprayed. Surfactants also help to break down and disperse odors, improving the overall effectiveness of the air freshener. Additionally, emulsifiers and surfactants may be used in combination to help stabilize and improve the performance of air fresheners that use natural essential oils as fragrance sources. Overall, emulsifiers and surfactants play a critical role in the effectiveness and consumer appeal of air fresheners.


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