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Plastic additive manufacturing is a segment of the chemical industry that focuses on the development, production, and distribution of chemical additives used in the manufacture of plastic products. These additives are added to plastic resins to improve their properties, such as durability, stability, and appearance.

HALS, UV absorbers, optical brighteners, and antioxidants are all types of plastic additives commonly used in the industry.

HALS, or Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers, are used to protect plastics from degradation caused by exposure to light and heat. They work by scavenging free radicals and other reactive species that can cause the degradation of polymers, thus protecting the material from degradation and maintaining its mechanical and optical properties over time.

UV absorbers are used to protect plastics from degradation caused by exposure to UV radiation from the sun or other sources. They work by absorbing the UV radiation and converting it into less harmful forms of energy, such as heat.

Optical brighteners, also known as fluorescent whitening agents, are used to improve the appearance of plastics by enhancing their whiteness and brightness. They work by absorbing UV radiation and emitting visible light, which makes the plastic appear brighter and whiter.

Antioxidants are used to prevent the degradation of plastics caused by exposure to oxygen. They work by scavenging free radicals and other reactive species that can cause the degradation of polymers.

These plastic additives can be used in a wide range of plastic products, including packaging materials, automotive parts, construction materials, and consumer goods.

The plastic additive industry plays a crucial role in the plastics manufacturing process, as the properties of plastics can be tailored and improved by adding specific types and amounts of additives. This enables manufacturers to produce plastic products with specific performance characteristics and aesthetic qualities that meet the needs of various industries and applications.


A Comprehensive Plastic Additive Portfolio to Meet Your Needs


3V Sigma USA is a global plastic additives manufacturer and supplier that is well-positioned to provide technical solutions.  3V Sigma USA’s portfolio of HALS includes monomeric, oligomeric, and polymeric products and low, high, and ultra-high molecular weight HALS. Our product offerings include UV absorbers, HALS, Optical Brighteners, and Antioxidants allowing for stabilization systems to be individually tailored for superior performance. 3V Sigma USA Plastic Additives can be used in a variety of polymers, including polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, nylon, PVC, and others.


We are a global chemical manufacturing company specializing in the formulation and production of a wide range of chemical products for various industries. Through innovation, rigorous testing and attention to quality, 3V Sigma USA contributes high-performing chemicals to the worlds largest global industries.

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