Celebrating our Culture: A Recap of the 2023 3V Sigma USA Employee Appreciation Day!

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In the spirit of workplace culture, we recently came together for an unforgettable afternoon of camaraderie, laughter, and appreciation. The 2023 Employee Appreciation Event was more than just a gathering; it was a testament to the community we’re building. Let’s dive into the highlights that made this day a true reflection of our unique culture.


Embracing Team Spirit Through Games:

Laughter filled the air as colleagues engaged in friendly games of cornhole. Our love for spirited competition and shared joy was on full display as teams battled it out. It was a moment of unity, where the lines between departments blurred, and we all became part of a larger, collaborative whole.

Cheers for Team, Cheers for Food:

With football on the big screen, we cheered for our favorite teams. The atmosphere intensified the shared experience, reinforcing the bonds that tie us together. And, of course, what’s a celebration without fantastic food? Home Team BBQ delighted our taste buds with a spread that mirrored the diverse and flavorful nature of our workplace.

Tokens of Gratitude:

In the true spirit of appreciation, each attendee received a special company gift. These tokens weren’t just mementos; they were symbols of the value we place on every individual who contributes to the success of 3V Sigma USA. A tangible reminder of the unique role each of us plays in shaping our collective journey.

Raffle Excitement and Congrats:

The energy reached its peak during the raffle announcement, adding an extra layer of thrill to the day. Congratulations echoed through the crowd as lucky winners claimed their prizes. It was a moment of celebration that highlighted the unpredictable and joyous nature of our workplace.

A heartfelt shout-out and immense gratitude to our esteemed partners who generously contributed to our raffle, adding an extra layer of excitement and joy to our Employee Appreciation Event. A big thank you to Grainger Inc, Colonial Chemical Solutions, Perstorp, Occidental Chemical, Mauser-Hoover Packaging, Sefar Inc, Forms and Supplies Inc, Airite Inc, Nation Ford Chemical, Fairbanks Scales, Santee Electric Coop, Basco-Barrel, Value Door, Eastern Industrial Supplies Inc, Fastenal, Nalco, and Dow. Your support and commitment to our community have not only enhanced the vibrancy of our event but also underscored the strength of our collaborative partnerships. Together, we celebrate the spirit of unity and appreciation that defines our 3V Sigma USA family.

As we reflect on this incredible day, it’s evident that our culture is more than just a buzzword, it’s a mission. It’s the sum of our shared experiences, the laughter exchanged, and the genuine appreciation we have for one another. The 2023 Employee Appreciation Event was a manifestation of the vibrant, inclusive, and supportive community we’ve cultivated here at 3V Sigma USA and we can’t wait to celebrate together again soon!

Here’s to many more moments of connection, celebration, and appreciation in the days to come!

Cheers to our amazing 3V Sigma USA family!









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