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3V Sigma USA offers a wide variety of UV Absorbers and HALS used in chemical solutions for the Durable Coatings Industry. Please visit our product portfolio to learn more about the solutions we provide to the Paint Market.


General Market Information:


UV absorbers and HALS are often used in the paint market to prevent color fading or degradation due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Colorants are added to a wide range of products, such as plastics, coatings, inks, and textiles, to give them their desired color. However, prolonged exposure to UV radiation can cause the color to fade or change, affecting the product’s appearance and durability. They help to prevent color fading and maintain the product’s appearance and performance over time. UV absorbers and HALS are typically added to colorants during the manufacturing process, and the appropriate combination is chosen based on the specific colorant, its application, and the level of UV exposure it is likely to experience.

The use of UV absorbers and HALS in the colorants market helps to ensure that products maintain their color, physical properties and quality over time, enhancing their value and lifespan.


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