Making a 4-in-1 Anti-Bacterial Deodorant

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Learn how to make a 4-in-1 Deodorant Stick with Anti-Bacterial Properties

Video Description:  Embark on a transformative journey into the world of personal care with our latest video tutorial! Join us as we unveil the secrets behind creating a 4-in-1 deodorant stick that not only keeps you feeling fresh all day long but also boasts powerful anti-bacterial properties. Dive deep into the realm of formulation chemistry, where we’ll demystify the science behind crafting a deodorant that’s both effective and eco-conscious. Discover how renewable materials play a pivotal role in this innovative blend.

Formulation Highlights and Features:

• Polyglyceryl Esters of Fatty Acids (PEFA)
• High Renewable Content in a Deodorant
• Multifunctional PEFA in a Unique Format
• Four Deodorizing Agents in One Formula

Full Formulation Available Here:  4-in-1 Deodorant Stick

Featured Products:  Emulsiderm PG6L  |  Emulsiderm PGEO

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What are Polyglyceryl Esters of Fatty Acids?

Polyglyceryl esters of fatty acids, often abbreviated as PGEs, are a specific category of compounds formed through the esterification of glycerol with fatty acids. This chemical process results in a mixture of compounds where glycerol is bonded to multiple fatty acid molecules. Depending on the number of glycerol units and the length of the fatty acid chains involved, various types of PGEs can be produced. Widely employed across industries, including cosmetics, personal care, and food, PGEs serve several vital functions. They excel as emulsifiers, adeptly stabilizing emulsions, which are mixtures of immiscible substances like oil and water. Furthermore, PGEs contribute significantly to the stability, texture, and moisturization of numerous products, particularly in cosmetics and skincare formulations. They’re instrumental in reducing surface tension, making them invaluable in processes that require mixing substances with distinct properties. Additionally, PGEs assist in solubilizing specific ingredients and enhance the spreadability of products on both the skin and in food applications. Their versatility and efficacy render them indispensable in a diverse range of consumer goods, from skincare products to culinary items like dressings, sauces, and baked goods, where they play a crucial role in enhancing texture, stability, and overall performance.

Personal Care Product Development:

Need help with Formulation Chemistry and don’t know where to start? The experienced team at 3V Sigma USA can you help develop a custom personal care formula from the ground up! Please connect directly through our contact page so a representative from our Specialty Division can follow up with you ASAP.

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