How to Make Cold Process Lotion

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Use RapidGel® EZ1 Rheology Modifier to create a stable lotion through cold mix processing!

Video Description:  With carefully selected emulsifiers and natural-origin emollients, experience the perfect blend while harnessing the power of Rapidgel EZ1 and electro-steric stabilization for a truly stable result. Join us as we guide you through the process, from mixing ingredients to achieving a uniform solution. See the benefits of coco-caprylate triglyceride and isononyl-isononanoate for silky texture and extended coverage while incorporating rice bran oil for a non-greasy, sustainable touch. Watch as the emulsion takes shape, and witness the remarkable break on your skin. With Rapidgel EZ1 you can make lotions, serums, and creams effortlessly, without thermal energy.

Full Formulation Available Here:  Cold Process Lotion

Understanding Cold Process

A cold process lotion refers to a type of lotion-making method that does not involve the use of heat during the emulsification process. In this method, the ingredients are combined at or near room temperature, hence the term “cold process.” Traditionally, lotions are made using heat to melt the emulsifier and combine the water and oil phases. However, in cold process lotion making, emulsifiers are chosen specifically for their ability to emulsify at lower temperatures, allowing for the creation of lotions without the need for heat.

The cold process method is often preferred by formulators who wish to preserve the integrity of heat-sensitive ingredients or who want to simplify the lotion-making process. It can also be suitable for those who want to minimize the exposure of ingredients to high temperatures, which may lead to degradation or loss of beneficial properties.

While the cold process eliminates the need for heat, it still requires thorough mixing and emulsification of the oil and water phases to create a stable and homogeneous lotion. Special emulsifiers, such as RapidGel EZ1, are often used to achieve this emulsification at lower temperatures.

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